Every day since 1973.

... And anything but everyday.

Together, we helped build the very first offshore wind farm in America, and launched the beloved Big East Conference. We named, designed and wrote the story of a whole new type of backpack, and created hospital wrist bands designed to keep you out of the hospital. We talked LL Cool J into carrying one of our client’s handbags, and got the attention of President Obama for a struggling elementary school in South Carolina.

And yes, we do advertising, public relations, marketing, media, design and digital. But we like to think we’re especially good at thinking on our feet, finding new ways to do things, and partnering with one another – and our clients – to think up more authentic, unanticipated solutions.

Do we have a proprietary, trademarked, circle-r smoke-and-mirrors name for what we do, like “The New Marketing®?” Ew, no. Gross. At our most honest, we’re a creative, collaborative, integrated communications company. That’s it. We like words like independent and idea-driven, talented and tireless, midsized-but-mighty. And since day one, we haven’t been afraid to get our hands dirty. We are truly scrappy. Sometimes because we have to be. Most times because we want to be.

We’re about 30-or-so strong – in little old Rhode Island and great big New York – and we’ve come together to make a difference, make our clients famous, and have a hell of a time doing it.



I'm Jon Duffy. And, as a kid, I’d watch my father, D&S founder, Dave Duffy, leave early each morning. I’d see him come home late each night. The man worked some crazy hours – six, seven days a week – in an effort to build something very special. He was truly sick. And he loved every minute of it.

So who would’ve thought that one day – one night, actually – I’d find myself here in the office, writing this? And loving every minute of it.

In between, I did a fantastic 10-year tour of the LA sports marketing world, working as Director of Marketing for Westwood Sports Marketing Group and National Accounts Director at PSP Sports Marketing.

In 1997, I utilized every sales bone I had to convince my Angelino wife to move to Providence so I could join this very special company my Dad had built. And we haven’t regretted it for a moment.

I have a deep passion for the success of the state of Rhode Island – I am an unapologetic cheerleader for all things RI. I currently serve as Admiral of the Rhode Island Commodores. I proudly served as co-Chair of Governor–elect Gina Raimondo’s transition team. Chair of the 2017 National Governor’s Association Summer meeting, Chair of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the Trinity Rep Board of Directors. I am proud to have worked with Deepwater Wind (now Ørsted) for 10 years to get the first US offshore wind farm built off the coast of RI.

I graduated from Georgetown University where I earned a BSBA, a serious basketball jones and a wife. I’m active in the community I love. And I’m working on great brands with great people. Life is pretty good.

One might even say great.



I’m Annette Maggiacomo. I’m a partner and vice president of public relations, leading our award-winning PR consumer practice that’s focused on creating powerful campaigns that help build, strengthen, and differentiate top brands. Our team has seen 300% growth over the past five years and continues to produce innovative publicity programs that cut through the clutter and effectively target diversified audiences for clients, including several Fortune 100 companies. 

With more than twenty years of agency experience, I have deep relationships with media and key influencers, and work with the team to develop break-through programs for brands and their products. My expertise in national consumer media relations, strategic brand management, cause marketing initiatives, and unique social media and influencer campaigns brings credible value and integrity to the Duffy & Shanley team. 

Our team is recognized as a leading agency in the retail and products and services industries, annually earning Bell Ringer awards from the Publicity Club of New England for their work. I’ve been the recipient of several awards, including receiving an honorable mention for PR Professional of the Year by PR News, being named one of Providence Business News’ 40 under Forty and winning a Gold Bulldog Award for best education/public service campaign.


Partner and Creative Director

I'm Mike Silvia. And, I was born with a silver spork in my mouth, a middle-class, suburban only-child who had to overcome obstacles as formidable as English muffin pizzas and having to drink water straight from the hose. Along the way I’ve learned to surround myself with people who are cooler, smarter, funnier and way more interesting.

My first agency job was at a place you’ve never heard of in a town you’ll never visit. And since 1996, I’ve been right here with family (thanks, Peter) where I get to work on every brand in the agency and am ultimately responsible for all that we create. But the best part is I get to inspire and motivate some incredibly talented people to do their very best work – and have fun doing it.

I really do believe that actions speak louder than ads, so I’m proud to get my hands dirty doing gutsy things with clients I genuinely like and believe in.

I’ve never been to Paris, I want to be Neil Simon when I grow up, and my favorite quote is from that kid in that movie: “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”

I’ve won three Emmys (humble), have two kind, courageous kids, and a warrior of a wife.

I’m Mike Silvia. Hi, Mom.