Actions speak louder than ads.

The days of sending out a TV spot, writing a press release, and crossing your fingers have been over for some time now. Isn't it great?

Public Relations

We got this.

In a volatile, ever-changing industry, we haven’t skipped a beat. And while we specialize in securing credible third-party content for our clients – and media relations remains the cornerstone of our strategic approach – the ability to develop content, build influencer programs, work with celebrities, create and run major events and flat-out know everything there is to know about social media is what truly drives us today.

Media Relations

We believe media relations is still the driving force of most strategic plans. We have developed strong contacts and developed a culture of people who love to “pitch.” The coveted Duffy & Shanley “Hit of the Year” award is proof of the importance of media relations at the agency.

Celebrity Relations

Celebrity endorsement, whether implied or blatant, has been a tried-and-true PR tactic that can quickly cut through clutter and generate reach at scale. Our PR team is experienced in running every aspect of celebrity as it relates to PR, including media and launch events, product lines, social media sponsorships, gifting, photo placements, and more. And we’re pretty darn good at a negotiating a good price, too.

Reputation Management

Our clients trust us with their most valuable asset—their reputation. We are trusted partners in growing and protecting our client’s reputation. There is nothing more important to us. We bring expertise and insights into navigating today’s challenging environment.

Event Management

Our team are experts in developing and implementing events that bring your brand and the public together in unique and impactful ways. We anticipate, manage and plan for every minute detail.

Influencer Relations

The hottest topic in the PR world and we have been at it for almost a decade. Our award-winning influencer marketing team knows the value of selecting the right influencers for your brand and how to get the most out of those relationships. Check out case studies for Foster Grant and BJ’s.

Social Media

We were very early adopters of social media—not because we were great visionaries but because we were and are scrappy. We are always looking for ways to make our clients stand out and social media provided that opportunity. We ran our first large-scale social campaign in 2008 and we received the first ever Social Media Award from the Publicity Club of New England for our efforts. We had a big head start in this area and we continue to provide breakthrough programs for our clients, staying on the cutting edge of an ever-changing landscape.

Crisis Communications

The trust of customers and the public is developed by how companies manage reputational risk and crisis response. This is where our veteran crisis team can help, especially when the stakes are highest. We have a rapid response team ready to be deployed. Our team has built a proven record of protecting the most important organizational asset: reputation.

Public Relations projects


Be cool. Have fun.

It all starts with the idea. An honest, human, relatable concept that makes everything around it, everything that came before it, feel ordinary and old. And then we go out and get thinks done. We execute beautifully and intelligently, both internally and in tandem with some of the world’s best photographers, directors, editors, actors, animators and illustrators. But above all, we believe the best idea always wins.


With talent and the right team, writing and producing interesting, effective radio that truly stands out is easy. Mostly because 99% of what’s out there is, at best, invisible and at worst, embarrassing. So why are there so few great radio spots? Easy – there are so few great clients who appreciate and love the medium, and push their agency to do their very best work. Fortunately, we have way more than our share. Thanks, you guys.


Like any other medium, it starts with the idea. Smart and unexpected. After that, it’s all about craftsmanship. Writing, art direction and design. And, of course, the art of an experienced, intelligent and tireless media team that knows how to get it seen. Ads, posters, brochures, direct, if ink touches paper (or metal, or wood, glass or plastic, or even an aluminum running baton that helped sell a whole lot of sneakers…) we’ve done it.


Outdoor is a support medium for everything else you’re doing. GREAT outdoor is simple, memorable, unexpected and not ugly, please. It’s an opportunity. And, hopefully, a little bit of lighthearted entertainment that keeps me from yelling very bad things at that guy who just cut me off.


Moving pictures. Moving words. Emotion. Goosebumps. There’s no better way to tell a story and get me to fall in love with your brand. Again, start with the idea and then put together the very best team to make it sing. We’re good at this.

Advertising projects


Let's make everything else seem old.

As strategists, we create and put our trust in a smart and unique brand development roadmap. As designers and writers and thinkers, we use our passion, invention and craftsmanship to interpret the strategy and run with it, towards a unique, ownable, loveable brand experience.


It’s about people who know there’s more to a brand than a bigger logo. And that the colors are right. And the voice distinct. And that all your photography is anything but stock. And the font doesn’t make your hospital look like a circus. And then there’s sound and tastes and smells and the little curve of that line right there that nobody’s ever done that way…


What makes you chose one box of tissues over another? Why would you be proud to hold a certain bottle of beer in your hand? Or steal a poster from a bus shelter to hang on your dorm room wall? What makes the inside of a backpack just as beautiful as the outside (and the outside just as useful as the inside)? You can’t say it enough: craftsmanship.

Branding projects


For the love of ▸

We’ve been helping you reach the right consumer, the right way, since before most people even knew what that meant. And we’ve been doing it through search engines, media planning, social media and display advertising, websites, email, mobile, app development, research and strategy, creative, development, media planning & buying, analytics and reporting and probably half a dozen things that haven’t been invented yet.

Website & Mobile

Beautifully branded, intelligently architected, highly functional websites and mobile experiences are your brand’s most powerful marketing tool. And we can’t stress that word enough. Make me a tool that I can use to make my life easier/better/happier, and I will love your forever and ever.

Display & Social Advertising

Our team delivers a strategic digital media plan to reach the right audience across programmatic campaigns and quality ad networks, direct advertising buys, and social media platforms. We do video, native, mobile, banners, social, app install, retargeting, media strategy, buying, beautiful creative execution and campaign analytics you can actually use to make everything work even better next time. What else you need?

Search Marketing

Using the power of the mighty search engines, our strategists will get your brand ranked to display in front of a captive audience, and gain traffic, visibility and conversions based on our campaign goals. There’s no better way to be right there when your customer is raising her hand.

Digital projects